For more than 35 years, EJP Maschinen GmbH has been a reliable partner for tailor-made production systems for the cold finishing of wire, bars, tubes and profiles.
We proudly look back on numerous installations at the most important industrial sites in the world. Research and development plays an important role in a growing number of customers.

In particular our manufacturing program includes:

Combined drawing machines are primarily used to produce bright bars or tubes starting from coils
(from straights in particulars cases). Depending on the material (steel, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.) and the type of section to be produced, the systems are composed by different components.

Precision drawbenches are used when the application cannot be covered for economical or technological reasons with a combined drawing machine. It can be proposed in a complete line in combination with saws, shears, straightening machines, chamfering machines etc.

Peeling machines for the production of bright steel in tolerances h8 / h9 in the diameter range from 8 to 450 mm. Depending on requirements it can be proposed from bar-to-bar or coil to bar configuration. It can be proposed as a standalone machine or as a complete line in combination with other equipment.

Precision straightening machines. According to the section and the features of the material to be straightened, we propose different types of straightening machines: Two-roll straightening machines, Profilestraightening machines, Nine-roll straightening machines, Tube straightening machines, Straightening presses, Wire straightening machines.

Since 1994 EJP Tosca GmbH supplies shotblasting machines for a wide range of applications, with a continuous
development through the years of the models and the performances.

Herebelow a list of the main products:

Inline shotblasting machines, to be installed at the entry of the drawing lines and cold rolling lines

Shotblasting machines for wire in coils, designed for the treatment of mechanical pickling of wire in coils. The surface cleaning of the wire (removal of calamine and oxide) takes place by centrifugal projection of metal abrasive carried out by one or more sets of turbines positioned around it.

Roller shotblasting machines designed for the mechanical cleaning of sheet metal, profiles, multiple bars and compound structures (continuous tunnel installations).

Shotblasting machines for tubes designed for the treatment of steel pipes. Usually the handling is carry out by a skew rolls conveyor provided with forward speed adjustment (inverter).

Hook shotblasting machines designed to treat items like casting, welded structures etc. The items are hung individually or in clusters on the hooks of two overhead trolleys or more trolleys, which are run manually along a monorail.

Monorail/continuous hook shotblasting machines s represents a particularly versatile solution for the treatment of parts hanging individually or in clusters to the hooks (with motorized translation) of a monorail overhead conveyor.

Hoist shot blasting machines are served by a special sliding hoist on a monorail, which carries out all movement of the pieces during the operative cycle (lifting, conveying, rotation during blasting), thus entirely freeing the company's lifting apparatus.

Tunnel shot blasting machines for composite structures which are moved using a pair of sliding hoists on a monorail.

Shot blasting machines with continuous horizontal conveyor belt is a versatile solution particularly suitable for steel and aluminum parts, which, for reasons of shape or softness, cannot be subjected to treatment in a traditional conveyor-belt shot blasting machine.

Continuous drum shot blasting machines are particularly suitable for treating cast or hot-forged items of small dimensions (brass, plumbing fixtures and fittings) or die-cast aluminum.

Satellite-table shotblasting machines designed for the continuous cycle treatment of parts with small dimensions to be blasted and / or grained, complete of automatic loading-discharge using anthropomorphic robot or manual.

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