Pressure Welding Machines(UK)

Manufacturers of cold welding equipment.

High performance, durable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Cold welding machines Pressure Welding Machines weld non-ferrous materials of various profiles and sizes together.

Welds are fast, economical and durable.

The range includes manually operated devices for small wire diameters.

Pressure Welding Machines offers pneumatic, mobile, complex cold welding equipment.

Pressure Welding Machines are high precision products made by highly qualified technicians.

They are produced in standard or customized sizes.

As a result they can be used for: welding wires, conductors, strips, round or profiled bars in various shapes.



Pressure Welding Machines are manual and pneumatically operated machines. They are designed and manufactured in PWM's own UK units.

Components from external sources are not used precisely because of the need to ensure a controlled quality.

They comply with the highest technical standards. In addition, they offer savings to the user. 

Cold welding machines are robust and require minimal maintenance.

Pressure Welding Machines are manufacturers of precision manufactured cold welding equipment.

Butt welding machines are designed to produce safe welds.

Welds are stronger than the original material. Wires with diameters from 0.10 mm to 30 mm can be welded.

You can weld both round profiles or strips.

Strips maximum width is 45 mm and minimum thickness 0.2 mm

Pressure Welding Machines remains the only British manufacturer of pressure welding machines in Western Europe, with a long tradition in this field.


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