Butt welding equipment

American manufacturer of equipment for butt welding.

Wires and cables of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of various diameters can be welded.

The welding method is induction. The heat is released by an electric arc to melt the metal in the welding area.

The equipment offered provides support both in the production process of wires and in that of cables.

The equipment has a robust design and is easy to operate. These attributes ensure the best results in butt welding of wires and cables already on the drawing lines.

Meshes or fence panels are also used on the welding lines.

Basic components of Micro Weld machines: 

- They make it possible to select the temperature depending on the material and diameter;

- It has a high capacity single phase transformer;

 - The welding plate is mobile and has a rectilinear slide;

- It has low voltage safety circuits;

- The cars have a robust construction;

- For large welding equipment, there are high-capacity mechanisms, with pneumatic actuation for gripping and pressing;

- They have a protection system for the action of the electric arc; 

- Offers the possibility of electronic temperature configuration; 

- It has water-cooled components;

- Includes control and safety circuits;

 - It has in its component an automatic timer for the return heat treatment;

 For more details, visit the site:   https://www.micro-weld.com/; 

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