Echipamente pentru procesarea sirmelor din otel


Steel wire processing machines

Manufacturers of high-capacity automatic equipment for processing steel wires.

They have a low carbon content, used in the reinforcement of civil and industrial constructions.

Complete 2D or 3D stirrup manufacturing lines.

EVG's patented feed system includes a motorized laminator-type straightening unit and electric actuators.

Production lines are fully automated. They are particularly flexible.

EVG welded mesh machines have one of the highest performances in the world. 


EVG machines offer the possibility to produce different types of mesh sheets, without long configuration change times.

The system includes software that allows connections with the production department and its detailed planning.

EVG produces fully automated welding lines for lattice beams or profiled fence panels.

EVG is a leading manufacturer on the international market in the production of machines for processing steel wires.

EVG machines produce in conditions of minimum energy consumption.

The finished products are shaped elements, welded meshes of structures, fence panels, lattice beams and other configurations. 

EVG offers fully automated welding lines for the production of reinforcing mesh or shaped material.

Mining reinforcement mesh or lightweight reinforcement mesh can also be produced on EVG machines.

EVG offers welding lines with different degrees of automation for the production of steel reinforcing sheets.

The drawn wire used in the longitudinal segments can be in the form of coils. At the same time, they can be delivered as individual pieces straightened and cut to length.


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