Fort Wayne Wire Die

Wires for drawing metal wires.


FORT WAYNE offers a wide range of dies for drawing wires from ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

FORT WAYNE dies are also used for compaction or extrusion.

In the company's facilities, dies can be reconditioned from any manufacturer to the new condition, at an increased rate.

It produces dies from natural or synthetic diamond or tungsten carbide. The new nano die chains are the future in the field of wire drawing. They have an extended durability.

NANO DIE dies are cheaper and more economical than those made of synthetic diamond or tungsten carbide.

NANO DIE ensures an extended life of use and a substantial reduction of intervention times.



For Wayne Wire Die produces dies for drawing wire from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Using its own software, Fort Wayne produces and offers complete sets of dies.

The integrated set of dies with strict tolerances for each section, works in correlation with the specific extensions.

Thus, the aim will be to eliminate the causes that lead to the breaking of the wire. This will reduce the downtime.

It will also reduce the slipping of the wire on the winches of the car.

The superior processing characteristics will contribute to an optimal finishing of the wire and a reduced wear of the winches.

Thus, the generation of fine particles and the loading of the dies with residues will be reduced until their deterioration.

Poly-Di dies with polycrystalline diamond use the best raw material for dies in the world. It is of the Compax® type and is supplied by Diamon Innovations and Sumidia® from Sumitomo Electric.

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