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DEM produces and installs complete equipment for the wire and cable industry

DEM produces and installs complete equipment for the wire and cable industry

In partnership with EVG, DEM delivers innovative solutions for cold wire processing. DEM produces wire drawing lines for profiled wires or flat wires. DEM offers cold drawing lines for steel wires from coils or bars.

Finished products are used in the production of various metal elements used in construction or infrastructure.

DEM offers boxes for pulling wires or compacting cables and auxiliary equipment for these lines. The supplier has extensive experience in drawing wires from ferrous materials from carbon steel to stainless steel and non-ferrous steel (from titanium to copper and special alloys).

DEM offers equipment for the wire and cable industry. The drawing lines cover a wide range of specific processes and treatments:

- rolling flat and profiled wires;

- Mechanized slag removal; 

- pickling and rinsing with water;

- rolling of wires for reinforcement, in coils and bars;

- lubricant application systems;

- boxes for micro-lamination; 

- disassembly units and roller adjustment equipment;

- lines for heating and rolling;

- unrolling the coils in bars;

- H / V unwinding of a single coil; Mechanized slag removal;

- stands for 2 or 4 rollers;

- cleaning and polishing; 

- testing & measurement; 

- finishing coils and bars; 

- single or double scrolling;

- automation and control;

- remote assistance; 

- start-up monitoring;

 - fastening / tying units. 

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