Wire and Cable

Welded mesh making machines, wire and cable forming machines or wire drawing machines, spare parts, accessories and consumables for them. Our equipment and consumables refer to the processing of wires or wires of steel, aluminum, copper or various alloys. Browse our catalogue



EVG (Austria)

Molding machines, welded wire mesh machines or welded wireframe structures for concrete elements and concrete infrastructure

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Pressure Welding Machines (UK)

Market leader in the field of cold welding. Welding machines by mechanical or pneumatic welding, cold, for aluminum and copper wire of various diameters.

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Schilt Engineering (Netherlands)

Systems of loading, cutting, bending and storage of bars for reinforcements.

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Micro-Weld (USA)

End-to-end welding equipment for induction of ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires of various diameters.

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 Weckenmann (Germany) 

Weckenmann is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of equipment and machinery   for the production of prefabricated concrete products for the construction industry. The advanced machines and production machines enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world and have been used for over 60 years.

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Inosym Reels (New Zealand)

Specialized in steel and plastic drums, manufactured to European and American standards, Inosym can provide drums that meet all the varied needs of modern production units. Inosym is dedicated to providing customers with world-class drums and reels at competitive prices.

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DEM Group (Italy)

Part of the EVG group, with a range of equipment complementary to those offered by EVG, such as wire drawing lines for various profiles, from coils or bars, to wire drawing boxes, from steel and non-ferrous to special alloys.

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Fort Wayne Wire Die (USA)

High quality polycrystalline diamond chains for drawing wires from ferrous or non-ferrous materials. New or refurbished to the maximum performance parameters the chains have as reference American quality standards. The reconditioned dies may belong to the customer and may have as original manufacturer any other manufacturer of dies in the world.

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EJP Machines (Germany)

Manufacturers of equipment for cold finishing of bars or tubes, blasting machines for bars, wire and other elements of metal, welding equipment.

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OTOMEC (Italy)

OTOMEC is a leader in the field of designing and executing complete lines for cleaning or metallic surface coating.

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Paganoni (Italy)

It offers high-strength coating solutions for wear parts on drawing machines. WOLSIDE, KERBLACK, KERSINT and NICKSINT are known in the industry as one of the best coating solutions, ensuring the characteristics of the original part or in the case of replacing it with a new one produced entirely by PAGANONI,

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Richards Apex (UK)

Manufacturers of lubricants for the metal processing equipment industry, for the purpose of rolling, drawing, coating or cleaning the treated surfaces, including cooling substances of the parts subject to wear.

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Hambi (Germany)

Equipment for cutting please welded and bent edges of mesh or by various shapes, necessary in civil and industrial constructions or structures of concrete for infrastructure.

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Wire drawing lubricants and coatings

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Maschinefabrik Bock (Germany)

Manufacturer of machines for processing the ends of wires of various diameters, machines for straightening the wires of large and very large diameters.

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Echipamente soft ateliere fasonat si fabricat plasa sudata


IT solutions for manufacturers of molded material and welded mesh. The company offers customized software solutions to each type of customer for process management, supply logistics and production planning, including finished product labeling, bar codes on products and lots, document issuance and computerized traceability of delivered manufactured products.

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