Schilt Engineering (Netherlands)

Concrete shaping elements.

Manufacturers of equipment used in the manufacture of metal elements.

They are used in structures in civil and industrial constructions.

 The shaped material obtained with SCHILT equipment is part of the reinforced concrete structures

The shaped material is used in civil or industrial constructions, or in infrastructure.

 SCHILT offers automatic bar loaders, bar cutting systems, bar cutting and bending devices at both ends.

Automatic reinforcement welding systems for infrastructure poles are also offered.

Cutting and bending tables process wires with diameters up to 42 mm.


SCHILT offers concrete shaping elements.

The range includes automatic machines for welding the reinforcement of infrastructure pillars. 

SCHILT offers modern control systems such as touch panel. This provides the operator with the possibility of inserting several cutting lengths.

The supplier offers the safest method of loading new bale bales that use an automatic loading system.

The supply of the loading system with new bales is done by means of a crane or a conveyor belt.

The modern control system is based on the Windows operating system. It is expanded with its own software dedicated to specific operations.

The software offers the possibility to connect to external programs such as logistics.

It thus offers a maximum use of the cutting capacity and reduction of the number of scraps.

The software includes memory modules for values used in production-related statistics. 

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