Richards Apex

Lubricants and substances for drawing metal surfaces.

Richards Apex are specialists in lubricants and substances for treating metal surfaces during wire drawing.

On the market for over 100 years in the supply of lubricants for metal drawing.

It offers a range of products that ensure an extended life of the parts in contact, bio stability, surface cleanliness and high levels of their processing.

Lubricants ensure surface protection in accordance with current requirements.

RICHARDS APEX offers chemical components for rolling, drawing or coating drawn surfaces.

There are also lubricants on offer for cleaning surfaces.

RICHARDS APEX also produces lubricants for rust protection. The range also includes coolants for parts subject to wear under high temperatures and many other applications.

The latest cleaning and lubrication technologies are offered. The delivered products are developed by specialists in lubricants and substances for drawing metal surfaces. 

 Lubricants increase production efficiency. By using RICHARDS APEX lubricants, clean surfaces are obtained. The number of wire breaks during drawing is reduced.  

 RICHARDS APEX has extensive experience in the development and production of lubricants for drawing non-ferrous metals.

Cleaners and metal coatings provide high quality products. These lead to a longer life of the parts in contact and bio-stabilitte.

All, along with cleaning critical surfaces with proper lubrication.


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