Drums and beads from the hotel and plastic

INOSYM is a New Zealand company specializing in the manufacture of steel and plastic drums and coils.

Executed to international standards, INOSYM can offer drums and reels that meet the most varied needs of modern production units.

The supplier provides customers with drums and reels at world class quality and competitive prices.

The manufacture of drums and reels is done in Asia under a direct and strict monitoring in order to comply with international quality standards.

INOSYM can make coils or drums made of steel or plastic according to the dimensions of the beneficiary or in those accepted by international standards. Tolerances and dynamic balancing are in high accuracy tolerances.

Drums and coils are used in the process of drawing ferrous or non-ferrous wires. They also float when winding cables and conductors for transport.

INOSYM focuses on process drums, for new wire drawing lines.

INOSYM drums are also used for cable manufacturing lines.

The coils and drums are also found on new lines or already used in the process.

INOSYM drums replace worn drums whose mechanical and dynamic characteristics have been damaged.

This eliminates any deviations from coaxiality and reduced working speed.

INOSYM drums are intended to replace old bonnets or drums. This increases the operating speed of the case by raising the drums or coils on which the cables or wires are wound.

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