As is already known in the wire drawing industry, the company PAGANONI, a division of MARIO NAVA, is specialized in providing high strength coatings of the parts on the drawing machines subject to wear. These are “WOLSIDE” solutions with tungsten carbide based coatings, KERBLACK, special ceramic components based coating, KERSINT, ceramic sintered components made of zirconium oxide and other special minerals and NIKSINT, nickel based coatings.

 Exceptional resistance to wear allows the drawing of any type of wire from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with excellent results in increasing the useful life and the quality of the finished product. In addition, compared to the newly manufactured products, PAGANONI, a division of MARIO NAVA, offers reconditioning services. of worn guides, of various shapes, cylindrical or conical. This service consists in recovering the original geometry, damaged by contact with the wire. PAGANONI applies KERBLACK or other materials in the areas of high wear.

The choice of coating material depends on a number of factors. KERBLACK, for example, is recommended for the dry drawing process in the production of high, medium or low carbon steel, stainless steel or copper.  

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